Me TalkingNavigating through the pandemic

Navigating through the pandemic

I feel an urge to express myself through these next paragraphs about the current situation we are in right now. As a mother of two and a wife to a basketball guy (my husband Lubos is ex professional player and has been coaching last 4 years), I had been dealing with many issues and situations.

In my opinion, there has been many things that people are afraid of, but I think the worst one by far is the uncertainty we are facing every day. Suddenly, we are not able to plan ahead, look forward to anything, really, and I think it is very hard for anyone do deal with.



This season, my husband and I tried to go overseas and be a coach in the US.

He even went twice over there to meet people and stayed with Baylor basketball team for the whole semester.

Just in eve of landing a job or possibilities, the virus broke out, season ended, and everything else just stopped.

Luckily, he was able to return to Barcelona to be with us, but our chances to make a transition to the other side of Atlantic has been postponed and there is a thick fog in front of us, as far as the upcoming season.

Our situation is a specific one and I am certain that there are many others, who have been caught in a delicate situation. We have to be strong and support each other, because that is what strong teams do – in tough times, they pull together. I have been very supportive of him going away for 4 months, and I am still supportive now, when it seems like there is nothing clear in the forseeable future.



At the same time, Lubos is trying his best to be positive and makes me feel appreciated. He knows that this situation is not easy for me either and we constantly communicate.

We are trying to use this time to spend meaningul time with each other, we are doing homeschooling and did many little projects with kids at home. I can see that Lubos is closer to our kids more than ever, has the time to spend with them, and that is always good. So let’s focus on the positive and let’s do positive thinking towards the future as well. 

We just celebrate this last weekend our 9th wedding anniversary, staying at home, all of us together, healthy and with positive attitude towards future. Because there is not much else you can do right now, We will pop a bottle of champagne, maybe see a movie all of us together, and just be greatful for us to be healthy and able to spend time. Not everyone is so fortunate these days.

So please, stay strong, stay positive and stay safe! 

With love from Barcelona, Spain


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