Me TalkingEmbracing the Change From the Inside Out!!!!

Embracing the Change From the Inside Out!!!!

Throughout my life I have had change come at me when I least expected it.

I am pretty good at making decisions, when something feels right for me. I am also not scared of change, when I can see the road ahead or when I believe that it will be good change.

However, like so many other people, when we don’t know what will happen, we tend to wait to create change until we have to or we hit a “pothole” on life’s journey and we have to stop and reflect on where we are going. Even when we know it is time for change, even when it hurts to stay where we are, when we long to grow emotionally, mentally, personally and professionally, even then we tend to wait.

But what are we waiting for?

Even when we long to feel better and get healthy, we tend to wait to clean up our habits, until something happens where we simply have to.



Why are we so scared of challenging ourselves?

We tend to wait until the pain of staying stuck is bigger than the pain of change. Yes change is effort and it feels like pain.

For the past 18 years of my life and changing cities, meet new culture, new people, I realizade that, people are create in kind of custuming and culture and they are fraid of changing.


What if we could look forward and wonder what we would do with change, rather than what change would do to us?


It is possible to create a life we love, but it starts with seeing change as a journey. It starts with having the courage to look inside and discover you own special, silly, beautiful, funny, clumsy, awkward, lovely self. And then there is also the dark side of ourselves, the parts we want to hide and the parts we don’t love because they are not so fluffy, or sweet, or pretty.

The thing is, nothing about being human is ever perfect.


“Life is not about perfection, it is about discovery….” In my experience it has been a “trip to me”— an open door to “me” discovering my whole self.

A dialogue begins as you listen to your body and discover your personal relationship with food and what that means.

You learn that self-nourishment extends beyond eating healthy. It’s a beginning that extends to the whole self, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Changing from the inside out.

You feel the love and power that comes with the understanding that you can own your “emotional” real estate—the whole self.

When we approach big change in our lives from the inside out, it means we unearth, understand and then begin to address the thought patterns and limiting beliefs about ourselves and our world that got us here.


That’s really how and when we begin to change the behaviors that we adopted as a result of that thinking that are no longer working for us.


That’s when we begin to unlock our power and address the underlying problem and not just the outer symptoms. And that’s when we are truly able to create long-term change.


Embracing the Change From the Inside Out!!!! “SO I INVITE YOU TO JOIN ME FOR SOME CHANGE”, be the change you want to see in the world!!

By Keilley Lee Marques

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