Around The WorldWeekend escape in a lovely Wroclaw

Weekend escape in a lovely Wroclaw

I love the basketball lifestyle, especially since it allows me to travel and visit new places. Sometimes, these places I would never have thought of going. Now I can tell you about a place where little Gnomes rule. Do you feel like making the visit with me?

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. If you are making mistakes…you’re Doing Something. “

Let’s enjoy this magical experience of getting to know this wonderful city in the southern part of Poland. I tell you my dear readers, what a pleasant surprise Wroclaw has been!

City with many different architectural styles, an old part of town, new neighborhoods and places where time has stopped completely.

It’s a perfect place to spend a great weekend with family, or a nice getaway for couples.

It’s impossible to walk around and not feel moved by your surroundings. You might browse through many streets in this polish city, where there are as many as 180 bronze statues of Gnomes. These little creatures “rule” the city and it is one of the main attractions. If you want to make a collage of selfie photos with all of them, you might need a lot of space on your SIM card.

This beautiful city offers opportunities for adventurous types, like myself. River Oder cuts through the city and gives it the powerful image along with many bridges the cross quite imposant body of water. There are 12 islands that the river created within the borders of the city, and there are as many as 100 bridges that make Wroclaw known as Venice of The East. Where, of course, you can find another collection of Gnomes.

I highly recommend to use some comfortable shoes to go around because you can walk some serious distances, depending how active you want to be.

Wroclaw (Breslavia) (Wrocław) Ciudad en Polonia

If you are interested in architecture, you should visit Rynek square that should please you well. The more you walk, the more you get to see and the more you will love it. You will see renaissance and gothic facades of the buildings, some of them well kept, some of them, well, not so much. To my surprise, there was a lot more to see even outside of the city center, where you can usually find most of the sights to see.

And then, there is the gastronomy. Another positive thing about walking is to create appetite and there are plenty of places to conquer your hunger. You can literally find any type of restaurant with a variety of quality, just like pretty much any big city. Meaning, you can eat like a kind and you can also go low cost with pretty good quality food. Your choice!

I have heard great stories about club life and being able to go out literally all night, all the way to the morning. Unfortunately, we live in a pandemic and all the clubs are closed, but it is something that would really make me come back and experience it.


Maybe a visit as a couple will be in order once things get to normal. I can’t wait to be able to sit outside, drinking my beer or glass of wine, and feel the great scenery of the city.

I already know that I will be coming back soon enough, and anyone, who is in Germany or Czech Republic, should definitely consider visiting Wroclaw. You will not regret it!

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