Red Dress

When you venture to live the life to the fullest, enjoying the best moments that God gives you and you overcome every obstacle along the way, it is when you really value your friendships. My dearest friend Tania Askenazí is much more for me, it is a true friendship.

It has been 14 years since we started to live through great moments, shared parties, went on the trips and unique adventures but also we have gone through some difficult moments.


The way we met was very curious. It was for that red dress! lol. I remember we were at a party in Barcelona, and Tania approached me intrigued by a nice red dress that I wore that night. She came over and said “Oh, what a cute dress! Where did you buy it?” And I sincerely confessed: “Well, in a Chinese shop, and and it was very cheap… hahaha.” Tania quickly understood that as I valued top clothing brands, I also appreciated the original and beautiful simple designs, even if they are not created by a large well known firm. Like is life to appreciated the little moments and little things.


Just at that moment a beautiful friendship was born, since beyond that beautiful cheap red dress that caught her attention. We both noticed that we had many things in common, we had much to talk about and many adventures to live.


Tania is a girl that is full of energy, always has a smile on her face that makes your day. It’s that person you always want to have by your side, to enjoy a good coffee, watching a sunset. Or to enjoy a night full of dances, drinks and lots of fun with friends.Today is her birthday, and I wanted to share with you a little of me, because this girl is worth gold. 


We always travel together, we have had wonderful adventures in different destinations such as Cuba, Brazil and all around Europe. Tania has always been the friend who doesn’t do something to please you 24 hours a day.


For example, sometimes when she went to sleep I was going to dance (hahaha) and if I felt tired, she was going to ride a horse on the beach. Afterwards, we would meet to enjoy talking about our experiences. It’s like we always understood our differences and made room for one another. 

It has really been a very sincere friendship. She really has been a great pillar of friendship, of courage, has always given me valuable advice with the right words (even though sometimes maybe things that I didn’t want to hear, and that’s what real friends do for each other) , and she is someone who understands me very well. 

Friendship is to have fun, not to take advantage of the other, true friendship does not imply a plan for exchanging favors, but the fact of always being there during the happiest and also the most difficult moments. That is the true friendship that we have and it’s definitely worth of writing about. 


A friendship that not even distance can break, sometimes when I had to go to live outside of Spain for my husband’s work and after months that we did not travel, or because each one with a busy schedule of work and travel. And there are always those moments when I would love to be with her, and I confess, whenever we are separated I count the days and hours to enjoy my “black panther” as we call her with love.

So, Today, on your birthday, I wish you the best in the world, that every day to come be loaded with new learning, new goals met, a lot of joy and enthusiasm that characterize you and that the true friendship that unites us will last forever.

I love you my dear friend…

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