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I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. If you are making mistakes…you’re Doing Something. “

My QuantumApp

Hello I’m Keilley Lee Marques, many of them know me through social networks and my blog. As you know I love the sport and take care of myself out of the way.

I know myquantum through a friend, and thanks to this app and noticed an incredible difference in my consent, I feel much more focused, organized, I feel much better. At the physical level and felt an improvement in the recovery with a vigorous and active stability.

What is MyQuantumApp

The MyQuantumApp application create individualized algorithms, based on data collected on the entry form by each individual. Unique algorithm is created and activated instant coherent molecular frequency.

When the connection is made, the algorithm effect updates the original properties of these molecules. This way it creates so called self-regulating process within the molecules and helps to activate a process to its full capacity or potential. All that without any secondary issues, problems or difficulties.

How does it do?

QuantumSPORT is a range of applications based on sound physics and quantum physics that acts naturally on the person’s energetic field to optimize their sports performance.

Why do you do it?

QuantumSPORT’s mission is to provide people with applications based on scientific research on stress, human well-being and sports performanc


It’s an app to enhance performance in sports.

What’s the purpose of QuantumSPORT?

To increase muscle strength, its durability and definition, and to have longer concentration during the time of competition. Those are some of the effects of QuantumSPORT provided to its clients: QuantumFortium, QuantumSumma.

QuantumSumma allows to optimize the physiological and psycho-emotional resources of the athlete during training and competitions of high sports demand.

Increase strength and muscle endurance
Improves muscle and cardiovascular recovery
It favors ventilatory and cellular respiration
It monitors stress and contributes to the prevention of injuries
It facilitates self-control of emotional reactivity
It stimulates the functions of the neuro-transmitters

The quantum effect of QuantumSPORT enhances the physiological and psycho-emotional resources of the organism while also deactivating the toxic stimuli of negative stress. If you wish to accelerate your recovery from an injury, you might be interested in QuantumRediit


Rapid recovery of muscle injuries

The motives or triggers of muscle injuries may be internal (nutrition, electrolyte balance, glycogen reserves, absence of heating or stretching) and external (heavy loads, repetitive movements, blows, poorly cured lesions, erroneous postures, etc.).

QuantumReedit significantly decreases the pain caused by muscle injury, its recovery time and its rehabilitation to quickly return to the practice of its sporting activity.

Excellent results in injuries:

Pre-operative tranquility

Trans-operative serenity

Quantum Rediit stabilizes the inflammatory process, the heart rate and blood pressure during the operation.

Our mission, our goals

Decrease of postoperative pain:

Post-operative pain decreases up to 80% at 24 hours. Decrease the time of hospital recovery. Quantum Rediit reduces the time of hospital stay and increases the quality of immediate recovery. Statistical studies show that hospital admission time is reduced by around 15%. Decrease the time of rehabilitation and return to sports practice

I would like to share this app with you and hopefully you will find time to get to know it.


I will leave my code here for you, #keilley10, so you can enjoy it. I think it will give you a nice experience and you will find it very useful. It will change you inside out!

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